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The younger generation, particularly, have grown up being able to get things on demand and instantly. It's medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 no longer the case that they are prepared to wait." With 72 holes played over four days a fixture at most tournaments for over a century, instant gratification is not a feature of professional golf. Watching for multiple days before a winner emerges is a heavy commitment for casual fans. Pelley said 72-hole golf would remain sacrosanct at the four major championships. But he foresees lower-profile tournaments making way for a faster format of golf on the European Tour. "Seventy-two hole golf is a fundamental part of the game and that will continue," he said. "But is it something that we want at all tournaments? This is what we are looking at ... We do not see the same number of 72-hole tournaments in our calendar in future." Getting the players on board may be key to the hopes of any fledgling revolution. The inaugural World Super 6 features a modest field headlined by world number 11 Alex Noren and former British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen. The tournament's hopes for a favorable first impression also might be tested if marquee players fail to make the final 24 that will compete in pairs on the match-play Sunday.

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