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It borrows the idea from a long tradition of community-owned power that was forgotten in Australia, but lives on strongly in Denmark. In Denmark theres over 2,100 versions of this, says Taryn Lane, the community manager for Hepburn Wind, the cooperative that owns and operates the windfarm. Their model this way of owning your own energy generator locally emerged in the late 70s, so they have been doing it doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 for decades. . It was at a community meeting for a large corporate-owned windfarm, like the one near Hepburn, that the idea for Hepburn Wind emerged. Strong community opposition, often encouraged by the fossil fuel industry, has at times been a roadblock for large windfarms built by traditional energy companies. Related: Energy positive: how Denmark's Sams island switched to zero carbon Lane says the Danish founder of Hepburn Wind, Per Bernard, attended the meeting with a few people from Daylesford, and they saw the community express a lot of opposition to one of those projects. They were quite disappointed that that was our doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel local areas first response to large-scale renewables development in the area, Lane says. Bernard figured that if they adopted the Danish model, where the windfarm was smaller, and the local community owned it, support for clean, clean wind energy would grow. The idea of communities owning their own power generators is not new in Australia, according to Lane, its just been forgotten. That was the way electricity was first introduced into much of the country, with smaller decentralised generators, owned by the local communities. The mayor of Hepburn Shire, Sebastian Klein agrees.

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